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Philly’s 1st Sound Mixer Mixer was a huge success.  We realized that it’s possible for sound mixers to go long stretches of time without seeing a certain camera body on set. Wether it’s a big stretch between shoots using the same camera or a while before they come across a camera for the first time.  We also know that the camera department may not always give the sound department ample time to mess with the camera before the DP wants it in their hands.  Considering all of these things, we felt it would be beneficial to offer access to camera bodies and dedicate an event to the sound mixers in our community.

The Sony Venice, RED Weapon Helium, Arri Alexa Mini and Amira, Sony FS7 and BlackMagic Ursa Mini were all out on display. Our friend Nick Huston from Gotham Sound in New York was kind enough to to come down with a bunch of new gear to show off.  Dozens of our friends from the sound department stopped by and all seemed to enjoy the event.  Check out the photos below!