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Liberty Camera is the brain-child of 3 Philadelphia based crew members.  Read below to find out more about each of us.
Chong Pak
Chong has over 2 decades of experience in the camera department, working on everything from corporate projects to feature films. His credits include work on Glory Road, Shooter, Law Abiding Citizen and Creed. He has worked along side top cinematographers like Conrad Hall and Vilmos Zsigmond and is proficient in all camera systems. No matter the project’s size, Chong is a great resource when putting together your camera package.
Brian Connor
Since 1981, Brian has bootstrapped his way up through the industry to head executive level positions in two highly successful production service companies. (RSVP & Allied Pixel Services). Key to this success was surrounding himself with people who have both a superior knowledge and a passion for what they do, so joining Liberty Camera in 2015 was a natural fit. When not in the shop, Brian works primarily as a Director and a sound mixer for Connor Cine.
Dustin Raysik

Dustin began his work in the camera department just as digital formats began to take over which has led to his extensive knowledge of all current camera systems.  He has become a seasoned Camera Assistant and Media Manager, focusing on commercials and other projects with high data loads.  Dustin is your go to contact when looking to assemble a camera order, making sure all bases are covered.